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This Office Cleaning Checklist Will Score Your Cleaning Efforts

Most business owners understand that it’s a good idea to have a clean workspace. It’s good for morale and worker’s health. It’s also important if clients want to have meetings at your office.

There’s a problem, though. Business owners already have a lot on their plates: Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR. Many find themselves with too many things to do, and everyday distractions can leave them unable to make sure the office is being regularly cleaned.

For that reason, we here at ACM Building Services have compiled an Office Cleaning Checklist. Add up all the tasks that have been completed and at the end you’ll find out how thoroughly your office is being cleaned.

A PDF version can be found here. We hope you find it useful.


___ Check Above Picture Frames

Even if the top of the picture frame is above your eye level, you still want to make sure it’s kept clean. Dusting off the less noticeable areas improves air quality and ensures that you’re not breathing in dust all day.


___ Check Legs of Chairs

Chair legs are another one that you can’t see, but which can get very dirty.


___ Check Phones

Phones are covered in germs, so you want to make sure you’re regularly disinfecting them.


___ Check Baseboards

The baseboards accumulate dust very easily. So while you may not look at them too often, you want to make sure they’re being cleaned, because otherwise they will get very dirty very quickly.


___ Check Blinds

You want to make sure both sides of the blinds have been cleaned.


___ Check Behind Open Doors

Make sure to check the top of the door too, as this is a place that’s often missed.


___ Check Corners in Carpet and/or Floors

If you want a clean floor, you want to make sure the whole floor is clean. Sometimes when mopping or sweeping, people just push everything to the corners.


___ Check Window Sills

A clean windowsill can make a huge difference. When you look out your window you don’t want to be distracted by grime. You want to appreciate the view.


___ Check AC Vents

You don’t want to be breathing in the dust that’s accumulated on the AC Vent cover. Wipe it down with a towel or sponge to ensure good air quality.


___ Check Behind Toilet(s)

It’s incredibly important to keep a bathroom clean. Sometimes people forget to clean behind the toilet, which can lead to grime quickly and grossly building up.


10 Points

Congratulations! Your workspace is clean and well-kept. You’re making sure your employees work in a healthy environment, and your clients will be left with a good impression. Where do you find the time?


7-9 Points

Pretty good! You’re missing some of the tasks that help your office look impressive to clients, and your workers might have cause to grumble about overflowing trash cans or empty soap dispensers. But you’re at least putting forth a good effort.


4-6 Points

Good news and bad news! The good news is that there are worse offices out there. The bad news is that your office could definitely use a little help. What will clients think when they visit and see the overflowing trash cans? If you don’t properly disinfect things, your workers might be getting sick. Think of all that lost productivity and consider getting help from a cleaning company.


1-3 Points

Yikes! You’re missing some of the basic tasks that will keep your workers healthy and productive. Consider hiring a cleaning crew to help you keep your workplace looking clean and impressive.


ACM Building Services Can Help

Having trouble finishing all the items on the checklist? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. At ACM Building Services, we’re energetic, reliable, and committed to getting the job done. Because your business deserves the best. Call us now at (561) 829­-5060.

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